About Animal Communication and EFT Tapping

About Animal Communication and EFT Tapping

If you want to know about animal communication and EFT tapping you are in the right place. Animal communication can take on many forms and the methods that are best for a particular situation are dependent on the needs of the individual animal. Sometimes, animal communication involves using telepathy and emotional intelligence to connect to an animal.

In these cases, there is a degree of ‘listening’ to the needs of an animal and then reciprocating. There are also many forms of energy healing that help an animal communicator reach their subject. About Animal Communication and EFT Tapping Cloud 9 Guide

Techniques like Reiki, Healing Hands, and Healing Touch are commonly used to improve the wellness state of animals, but one of the most popular forms of energy work on animals is called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT Tapping).

Since EFT Tapping (energy healing technique) is a form of energy therapy, it can be conducted successfully in many different formats, including distance healing sessions and sessions where a surrogate is necessary.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping works by tapping the meridian points. which is the path through which the life-energy is known as “qi” flows.

Meridian points are energy centers of the body and they can hold a lot of emotion and blockages that we are often unaware of. By clearing these energy centers, many positive results ensue.

The benefits to animals (and people) receiving EFT therapy include:

  • Lowered anxiety levels
  • Reduced fear
  • Reduced aggression and defensiveness
  • Increased mental and physical wellness 
  • Increased cognitive performance
  • A greater sense of wellness and calm overall

To learn more about how Cloud 9 Guide can help give you and your animal a better life, contact us today and ask about animal communication and EFT tapping.

Xyla Divine is an animal communicator and a Reiki 3 practitioner and she does Reiki distant healing on animals both large and small. Reiki Healing – It’s the channeling of positive energy, through the healer to the animal ( or the individual ) who is receiving the healing.

Reiki helps heal our animals on many levels. Being a Reiki 3 practitioner and a pet communicator, Xyla can help your animals mentally, physically, and some emotional issues that your pet may have are usually linked to bad behavior, such as:  biting, peeing or pooping in the house, excessive barking, anxiety, excessive licking, aggressive towards other animals and separation anxiety, just to name a few.
I recommend that you make a list of the questions you might like to have answered during your pet’s session. For more information about animal communication and EFT tapping get in touch with us.

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