Reiki Distance Healing Techniques

Reiki Distance Healing Techniques

it is not necessary to be present with the Reiki practitioner to get the benefit of the Reiki healing session. Once a Reiki practitioner has reached the Second Degree in their training, they begin learning methods for Reiki distance healing techniques. Life force energy, also known as healing Reiki energy, can be sent through space and time to any location very quickly. All that is required is that the practitioner has reached the appropriate level of training and expertise. One of the many things learned in the Second Degree of Reiki is how to use distance healing symbols such as hon sha ze sho nen and cho ku rei.

There are many techniques for sending Reiki healing energy across space and time. For more detailed information, see our Reiki distance healing techniques PDF here (insert link to a pdf). Here are a few of the more common methods that are used for long distance Reiki healing sessions.
The Reiki box is a special box designated for sending Reiki energy. A Second Degree Reiki practitioner can send healing energy to multiple living entities at once, be it people, animals, or plants. The Reiki practitioner focuses on the subject to receive the healing energy and puts something to signify that subject inside the box. Then, the distance healing symbols are applied before the Reiki practitioner takes the box in hand to focus on the healing session.

Another popular distance healing technique for Reiki is the surrogate method. The surrogate method is similar in some ways to the Reiki box method, but instead of sending Reiki energy directly to the subject the Reiki practitioner focuses on a surrogate which can be a humanlike form such as a doll. This method is useful for targeted Reiki healing sessions where the practitioner should apply specific hand positions over afflicted areas of a person’s body.

It is also possible for a Reiki practitioner to charge small objects to make Reiki healing energy mobile. By using a combination of symbols and hand positions along with meditative visualization, the practitioner can fill an object with Reiki healing energy which can be worn as jewelry, kept in a pocket, or sent to a person in need.

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