About Xyla Divine

About Xyla Divine

About Xyla Divine – Aloha, my name is Xyla Divine. I am originally from Texas but later moved to Hawaii where I stayed for more than 20 years. I now consider Hawaii my home and it didn’t take long for me to realize that when I went.
My experiences in Hawaii involve the days when the lands and people were still wild, and when the days seemed to stand still for an eternity. To this day, my friends and I still talk about how magical Hawaii was back then.

Although I have had spiritual experiences since childhood, when I moved to Hawaii, I found that Hawaii was the perfect place to be connected to Mother Nature and develop my innate talents for reading the universe’s energies and messages. About Xyla Divine - Cloud 9 GuideIt was there that my intuitive abilities really matured but many other aspects of my being were honed there as well.

I was blessed with a large family – six kids who all grew up to be loving, well-balanced human beings – and through the process of raising my kids on the Big Island of Hawaii, I learned A LOT about life’s many trials and tribulations.

Through my family, as well as through my own personal connections, I was lucky to see and learn virtually everything there is to know about building and maintaining strong, intrapersonal relationships in a variety of contexts.

Hawaii was also the place where I first experienced how different people and cultures could be from where I grew up.

When I went to Hawaii, it was not nearly as developed as it became over the years. The people still spoke Hawaiian pigeon and the cultures were about as different as they could be from the Texas I had once known.

About Xyla Divine Experience

This experience helped open my eyes to the uniqueness of each person’s experience and world view, and it made me more receptive to the needs of the people I came in contact with, no matter what their background happened to be. The Hawaiian people are full of Aloha and I feel fortunate that I can now bring that universal love to you.

Many people ask me when I realized that I was psychic. And, my answer is always the same: I have always known. I have always been in tune with my own intuitive nature and that has given me many gifts. My first memory, after all, is from my infancy. I can remember being so angry and frustrated that I could not lift or control my head and body. The memory is as clear as day and always has been. Of course, there are countless other experiences from my life that have shown me that my connection to a higher power is genuine, as well. Too many to count. Discover everything about Xyla Divine here.

What does the term psychic mean to me? In short, the term ‘psychic’ has been so muddied with practitioners who were either cheats or just plain bad at their craft that the term has gained a lot of negative connotation. Although I will happily tell you that my work involves accessing psychic energies to help the people who come to me, calling myself a psychic is a difficult thing for me to do.

About Xyla Divine Services

The services I offer are given with a pure heart, full of good intentions and love. Having negative feelings and doubt cast over my work because of the wrongdoings of others is something that I try to avoid. For that reason, I refer to myself as an intuitive spiritualist. Find out about Xyla Divine and Cloud 9 Guide services below or by calling (702) 625-1195

I am a strong believer that every person is an intuitive being and that with enough attention and practice the powers of intuitive awareness are available to all. Psychic energy is, in fact, the same energy accessed by many other fields of divination – it’s just given a different name depending on whether you are talking to someone who specializes in Healing Touch, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, or any of the other various ways that we use to bridge the gap between our plan and those beyond.

To sum up, my life has been full of experiences, both difficult and magical, and each of those has added new tools for my services. I have been traumatized, I have been loved, I have been at the center of the universe of many wonderful people and they have been at the center for me as well. I have a natural ability and sensitivity to see the things that most people miss and I live to improve the lives of those around me.

About Xyla Divine and Cloud 9 Guide Services

Here is a shortlist about Xyla Divine and of some of the skills that I possess:

I am…

  • a lightworker
  • a minister who serves as a guiding light
  • an intuitive guide
  • a spiritual intuitive practitioner and truth seeker
  • a psychic, and empath, and a medium
  • an energy healing practitioner
  • a psychic surgery practitioner
  • a clergywoman
  • a minister helping with weddings
  • a member of Universal Life Church Ministries
  • granted the Degree of Doctor of Divinity honoris causa
  • a medical intuitive
  • a nutritionist
  • an advocate for self-healing
  • a pet communicator
  • a wild animal communicator
  • an intuitive medium and more…

I do…

  • Reiki at the master level for humans and animals, and in-person as well as distance healing
  • Tarot card readings
  • Angel card readings
  • Distant healing
  • Blessings, and entity removal
  • Soul work and dark energy removal
  • Scrying and Soul retrieval
  • Aura cleansing
  • Chakra work
  • Energy work, balancing and clearing
  • Hypnosis and much more…

I want…

  • to change the World, one session at the time
  • to help the Earth and all the inhabitants on it
  • to help you live a better and healthier life

I have…

  • a lifetime of experience using my spiritual intuitive power
  • honed my practice over the years
  • many references, testimonials, and positive reviews
  • experienced life in a range of places giving me a unique and well-rounded perspective

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To learn more about Xyla Divine, feel free to reach out via our contact page any time the urge arises. Xyla is always available to answer any question that you may have, as well as helping you directly with the service options that best suit your needs.

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