Healing Touch

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a form of energy healing that focuses on reducing obstacles in the path of self-care and wellness. In a similar way to other healing energy techniques, Healing Touch is centered around the idea that our health is correlated to the energy that flows through us.

When Healing Touch therapy is carried out, those energies are cleared and balanced leaving the body to return to its optimal state. Healing Touch - What is Healing Touch - Cloud 9 GuideOnce in a positive energy state, the body is then free to heal itself without impediments.

What is Healing Touch?

For many, the similarities between Reiki and Healing Touch are hard to ignore. They both work with energy and focus on creating a balance in your energy fields that promotes health and wellness. Each one uses a similar method for the therapy to take place. And, both forms of energy healing are found in hospitals the world over.

So, the Healing Touch vs Reiki comparison comes down to a couple of factors. One is that a Healing Touch therapist will actually touch a patient as the work is being done. In Reiki, there is not usually any physical contact between the energy healing practitioner and the recipient of the therapy. Another difference comes from the philosophy behind the two.

In contrast to Healing Touch, Reiki has roots in Japan and was established at the start of the 20th Century. The Healing Touch practice started in the early nineties in the United States and has always been closely tied to the nursing profession. In fact, Healing Touch is certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

What Happens in a Healing Touch Session?

The Healing Touch session is a non-evasive experience where your practitioner focuses on healing with touch. There is a biofield of energy surrounding the human body and it is the job of the therapy specialist to manipulate that energy field in a way that brings peace and balance.

In a Healing Touch session, you can expect to be placed comfortably on a massage table. The therapist then begins identifying and working to clear your biofield and chakras using a series of techniques specific to the Healing Hands practice.

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