Distance Healing Services

Distance Healing Services

Distance Healing Services come in many forms and the way that healing sessions are carried out changes based on the type of healing service being performed. Some of the distance healing sessions that are the most common use techniques from Reiki and Angel communication, but there are others as well.

Remote Energy Healing Services – During a distance healing session, the healing practitioner sends healing energy to a specified person, animal, plant, or situation.
It does no matter in the least where the recipient of the healing energy may be as energy is not bridled by space and time.
Distance Healing Services - Remote Energy Healing - Cloud 9 GuideIn fact, healing energy can be directed at and sent to any place in the world in a matter of moments.

Distance Healing Services Techniques

There are a few different techniques used to send healing energy over long distances. In the case of Reiki, a Master practitioner can choose to either send the healing energy directly to the recipient or charge an object with healing energy.

While the distance healing session may be a faster way to receive the benefits of a healing session, having an object which has been loaded with the same energy can have lasting effects.
Jewelry and other wearable items can be charged, for example, allowing for continued relief from pain, tension, stress, and many other ailments.

In the case of Angelic distance healing, the distance healing practitioner makes use of the same life force energy that exists all around us and sends it across space and time using preexisting energy pathways that span every corner of the world on which we live.
As with Reiki distance healing, healing energy from an Angelic distance healing session can reach a recipient within mere moments, no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Distance Healing Services - Remote Energy Healing

An important thing to keep in mind with distance healing, no matter what type you feel more drawn to, is that the receiver of that energy must be accepting of it.

The human body, mind, and spirit energy fields have many defensive measures that block energies, be they positive or negative, and they do that without our knowledge.
It takes a concentrated effort on the part of the recipient to become open to a distance healing session.

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