Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

There are many opinions as to why we dream. However, no matter where you look, it is generally agreed that analyzing our dreams can prove both insightful and highly therapeutic. When we dream, our conscious mind and unconscious mind have the opportunity to communicate with one another. In a sleep state, the mind has a safe platform to play out events in life, testing thoughts and scenarios in a non-threatening way. Dreams also provide a place for the unconscious mind to bring forth realities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Therefore, analyzing dreams can open a window into worlds hidden within your mind – often offering answers to your most difficult questions.

Dream analysis in psychology is broken down into three main categories, and each comes with its own path to a therapeutic solution. The first approach to dream analysis therapy is psychoanalysis. This is where dreams are seen to represent our desires and conflicts. Some of the information in a dream is ‘concrete’ and has a direct correlation with life events and some is repressed and symbolic. A dream analyst following this method works to identify and hone the suppressed in order to find answers for the dreamer. Another approach that is somewhat similar to that of psychoanalysis is termed Jungian analysis. The primary difference with this approach is that much of the discovery process is controlled by the dreamer instead of the therapist as is the case in a more psychoanalytical approach. Both approaches are highly effective ways to gain insight into one’s life, and the ‘better’ choice for you only depends on what you are more comfortable with.

Another popular method of analyzing dreams is called Gestalt therapy. In this approach, a dream analyst will ask the dreamer to remember as much of the dream as possible so that they can interact with the dream. This approach is reliant on the idea that your dreams are messages that you have sent to yourself. Your job, then, is to identify what the message is and what you are meant to do with it.

When it comes to dream analysis and interpretation, there is one important thing to remember. Your dreams are showing you important things about your life. The more you meditate on what you see while you sleep, the clearer those messages become.

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