Psychic Energy

What is Psychic Energy?

For a psychic energy definition, there are a couple of answers. The short definition of psychic energy is ‘mental energy’. For our purposes here at Cloud 9 Guide, we prefer that longer meaning, though:
Your psychic energy is an essential part of your life. It fuels your mental processes throughout your day and drives your mind to continue its journey through life. When a mind has a surplus of positive psychic energy, the potential for what that mind can accomplish is virtually limitless.

However, there is a flip side to that coin as well. There are a great many things that we experience that deplete our psychic energy and, when that happens, our mental function becomes noticeably hampered. Psychic Energy Definition Explained - Cloud 9 GuideIt is, therefore, crucial to be mindful of your psychic energy levels at all times.

Psychic Energy Explained

Negative thoughts and feelings are the primary culprits when it comes to psychic energy depletion.
They can come from both internal and external sources, and in both cases hard to spot at times.
Internally, engaging in thoughts of greed, envy, regret, anger, and similar can drain psychic energy very quickly.

Freeing your mind from those kinds of feelings and thoughts is one of the best ways to safeguard your psychic energy.
External sources are similar but, as you might guess, they come from those around us. Again, to protect your psychic energy levels, it is important to recognize these negative thoughts and feelings.

Replenish Psychic Energy

Fortunately, when it comes time to replenish psychic energy there are a few ways that are easily accessible to everyone. The need to replenish psychic energy is usually evident but for times when it is not, a psychic energy reading session can help.

Psychic Energy Meditation

Psychic energy meditation can be very useful, as can be taken as a break from taxing situations and stressors. Earthing is also an effective practice that increases psychic energy, as can contact with flowing water. Any activity that brings you closer to the natural world by soaking up the Earth’s energy can help as well.
To get help with your psychic energy levels, schedule a free online psychic energy reading today. You might be surprised at how enlightening the experience can be.

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