Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Diabetes Benefits are also known as MLD is a type of therapeutic massage developed to improve lymphatic system performance. The lymphatic system is tasked with keeping bodily fluids balanced, as well as aiding in blood circulation and immune system effectiveness.

Basically our body is a bunch of cells and 2 main fluids that need to flow properly for us to live a healthy life; The Blood and The Lymphatic System. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Diabetes Benefits - Cloud 9 Guide

The blood brings in the food and everything that consumes eliminates and that waste goes into the lymphatic system which is the sewage system of the body.

The blood gets pumped by the hearth and the lymph fluid gets pump by movement and exercises only.

So if you don’t exercise the toxins from the lymph system get backed up into the body and that’s how we get diseases.
That’s why manual lymphatic drainage massage is a must.

The substance that travels through the lymph system, known as lymph, includes a mix of several components, some of which are proteins, waste, and water.

As the substance moves through the body, it travels through nodes known as lymph nodes. These act as filters, clearing the lymph fluid as it circulates.

There are many lymph nodes around the body. They can be found in the neck, as well as the armpits and a few other places around the body. Since lymph nodes are essentially filters, there is a risk of them clogging up, and that can lead to a long chain of negative effects.

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy is conducted by a trained MLD practitioner. There are many manual lymphatic drainage techniques that are used during a session. Depending on the condition and circumstance of the patient, the MLD practitioner selects techniques that are best suited to draining lymph nodes and improving movement.

Techniques that are common are compressing, stretching, and rhythmic cupping. These are generally done in a sequence, following the natural movement of the lymphatic system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Benefits

When you come in for a manual lymphatic drainage massage & benefits, you can expect to see a similar pattern of treatment, no matter how severe your condition may be. MLD therapy generally starts with a daily treatment during which time blockages are released and circulation is improved. Then, treatment usually reduces as time goes on and as the health of the lymph system improves.

MLD therapy is conducted while the patient is lying down and there is often some participation required to improve the effectiveness of the lymphatic drainage therapy. As treatment matures, patients are often instructed on how to conduct lymphatic drainage at home, in between treatments for maximal results.

There are many benefits of manual lymphatic drainage and people of varying complaints can see marked positive results from the therapy. The most common reason for getting MLD therapy is, of course, lymphedema.

However, anyone suffering from diabetes, fibromyalgia, edema, fatigue, skin disorders, migraines, arthritis, stress, insomnia, and skin disorders can also find relief through manual lymphatic drainage therapy.
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