Past Life Regression Readings

Past Life Regression Reading

A past life regression reading is a form of therapy that unlocks memories and insights from past lives in order to better understand how this life is unfolding and why certain things are happening. Accessing information from a past life can also provide answers to why we react to the world the way we do, including our fears, desires, passions, and more. Learning about how our past lives are connected to the current one we are more empowered to remove obstacles in our path and move forward in a productive and positive way.

There are many benefits to going through a past life regression session. For one thing, we can learn from our past successes and failures. We can activate lessons from a past life to inform our current decisions, making it easier to forge ahead in confidence. Everything from how we interact with the people closest to us to uncovering hidden talents and skills to identifying traumatic events from past lives that still affect us and much more are focus areas of a past life regression session.

What to expect from a past life regression session

A past life regression session is carried out quite differently from many other form of therapy. The intuitive guide takes your consciousness to places it has not knowingly travelled to within this lifetime, and for that a light form of trance is often required.

Once the appropriate state of mind has been attained, the past life regression guide helps you access your own memories. Often, memories that are first brought up belong to the current life. Then, as the guide continues the session, the memories work their way back further and further in time. Many people who undergo this type of therapeutic experience report memories of their own birth as well as moments in time beyond that point. With the help of an experienced guide, memory blockages are removed, and the memories can be catalogued as they are discovered. The memories that are accessed are then used to find correlations with a person’s current life so that solutions and answers may be uncovered.

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