Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is anything but a new concept. In fact, raw food has been at the center of many diets for hundreds of years, of not more. A raw food diet consists of foods that are as near to their original state as possible. The food that makes up a raw food diet is never heated to temperatures high enough to break down the structure of the food – a fact many believe to be to your body’s benefit. Raw food diet recipes generally include a combination of vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, legumes (in the form of sprouts and peanuts), and some grains that can be eaten after soaking in water.

The primary reasons for following a raw food diet are weight loss, better energy levels, and better systemic performance, including the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems. While there is still a fairly limited body of research on the topic, plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that raw food diet benefits are genuine.

Raw Food Diet List

When you decide that it is time to try the raw food diet, here are some of the items you can shop for:

  • Vegetables either as is, juiced, or blended
  • Fruit either as is, juiced, blended, or dried
  • Nuts as they are or in the form of oils and milks
  • Seeds as they are, blended into juices, or sprouted
  • Grains and legumes soaked, or sprouted
  • Seaweed
  • Fermented options, like kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi.

Armed with your supplies and the right raw food diet recipes, there is a lot of variety in what types of meals you can enjoy. The methods of preparation are a little different that traditional approaches, however, so planning ahead to make sure you have everything ready for your meal prep is always a wise choice.

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