Energy Work

Energy Work

To understand Reiki, it is essential to understand energy work and its place in the healing industry. Across many different forms of healing work, energy takes center stage, and there are good reasons for that. For one thing, energies of many different forms are always moving through and around us. When we are in perfect balance those energies flow as they should, promoting health, healing, lowered stress and anxiety, and well being. When the energy moving through us is clouded by negative influences, a whole host of negative effects follow. The goal of most healing work, Reiki included, is to help balance the flow of energy throughout the body.

Reiki and energy work go hand in hand. In fact, Reiki can be translated to ‘spiritual life force energy’. How does Reiki energy work? The entire practice is devoted to supplying a person with supplemental Reiki energy to various parts of the body – energy that the body can then utilize to heal itself.

Here’s what to expect when you come in for a Reiki energy work session. First, I will explain how Reiki energy works in more detail, but more specifically how I will perform the Reiki energy work to best suit your needs. Different people have different requirements and it is always my primary goal to identify what those needs are so that I can provide the best possible service. Whether you need a short, focused Reiki energy work session, or a series of intensive therapeutic treatments, you will be in good hands.

Another question you may have is how Reiki energy work is performed. The process is noninvasive. As I transmit reiki energy through my hands into various hot spots around your body – primarily major meridians, chakras, and organs – the most you will feel on a physical level is a light touch of my hand. You will either lie on a massage table or sit in a massage chair while I perform the Reiki energy work on you, which is very relaxing in both cases.

Your Reiki experience will leave you with energy flow that is whole, balanced, positive, and healthy. The most important thing to remember about Reiki energy work, is that Reiki energy reminds your body how to heal itself. What could be better than that!

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