Juice Fasting

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is a popular and effective method of cleansing your body by abstaining from solid foods while ensuring that you aren’t depriving yourself of necessary nutrients. How can you eat without eating solid foods? It is easy to do. All that is required is that you extract the juice from all your favorite fruits and vegetables and discard the rest. The term juice fasting, therefore, simply means that you fast from all food types other than fruits and vegetables – and the fruits and veggies you consume are taken in juice form.

There are many reasons to do a juice fast. You can use juice for cleansing various organs as well as detoxifying your blood. There is also juice fasting for weight loss and other purposes. Whatever your reasons may be, you can be sure that there is a perfect juice fasting plan for your needs.

You can also enjoy the many juice fasting benefits when you use juice for fasting. One of the most obvious comes from the increased attention to fruits and vegetables. Each of the foods that are used to make juice is packed with nutrients that assist our bodies in staying strong and healthy. Juice fasting recipes include varied and well-planned vegetable and fruit combinations that give us all the nutrients we need. The plentiful nutrients also have the added benefit of increasing antioxidant, micronutrient, and phytochemical levels in the blood. A faster metabolic rate is also a benefit of juice fasting – especially when seen from the eyes of those looking towards juice for weight loss. The list of benefits goes on and on. Contact us today to see if juice fasting is right for you.

To get the best juice fasting results, there are a few things that you should do. Here are some tips for juice fasting to help you along.

  • Before your juice fast it is good to get prepared. Consider your home, refrigerator, and your body during the preparation stage. Make sure all your shopping is taken care of, your home is clean and any prep work that you need to take care to get you through the first couple days of your fast is done. In addition, control your diet before embarking on a juice fast. Eat organic (when possible) whole foods that are as near their most natural state as possible. Drink lots of water.
  • During your fast be mindful of the effects that making such a big change to your dietary intake can create. Maintain low stress levels, get plenty of exercise, and drink lots of water along with your juice. Be prepared to take breaks from your normal routine from time to time to regroup and recenter. Remember that your caloric intake should be balanced with your activity level.
  • After the juice fast, ease yourself back into eating solid foods. The amount of time spent easing into your normal diet will depend on how long your juice fast lasts.
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