Reiki Techniques

Reiki Techniques

Reiki is a rather large field of study with multiple levels of expertise ranging from 1st degree (novice) to 3rd degree (master). Depending on what health issues and discomforts a person wishes to get relief from a Reiki practitioner will decide which of the many Reiki techniques are best for a given situation. Some techniques focus on bringing balance to your energy centers while others work to help the body heal and relieve painful conditions. Some Reiki techniques are also geared towards ridding the body and soul of harmful and negative energies. To learn which Reiki techniques are best for your needs, it is a good idea to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Reiki practitioner.

Reiki distance healing techniques are numerous but they all involve sending healing Reiki energy through time and space to a specified person. This technique can be done through meditation, a Reiki box, a small figure of the person needing treatment, and many other possibilities. Distance Reiki is possible because the energy used is not limited by the material laws of time and space.

Self treatment is also possible but for it to work you should have a working knowledge of the Reiki system and how to apply it. Self treating with Reiki requires the practitioner to reach a meditative state.

There are a number of Reiki techniques aimed at various aspects of healthy living. Techniques for centering and balancing energy centers throughout the body are very popular, as are techniques for clearing and extracting negative energies. Similar to distance Reiki, there is also a technique known as beaming which allows the Reiki practitioner to send Reiki energy at a person (or animal) in need. Another technique is to infuse an object such as a crystal with the healing powers of Reiki. This allows for Reiki energy to become portable with effects reaching beyond the Reiki session.

Many of the Reiki techniques mentioned work together to form a complete healing session. At the beginning of a session, the Reiki practitioner invokes the healing energy of Reiki. Then, a body scan is performed through which the practitioner can feel which parts of the body are most in need of attention. The practitioner then decides which techniques are best suited.

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