Health Education

Health Education

Health education plays an important role in the future health of a community. As we advance through our lives, we should endeavor to increase our shared knowledge of what it means to be healthy.
Ideals surrounding health change over time and differ between cultures, but one thing remains constant which is why health education is important.

It is just as crucial to teaching our younger generations how to lead healthy lives as it is to teach those around us how to steer clear of dangers to our health in order for us all to make better health choices.

To identify a workable health education definition, it is good to look at the topics that the subject covers. Health education topics include disease prevention and awareness, nutrition, hygiene, physical health, and much more.

Health Education - Why is it Important - Cloud 9 GuideAs health education is a very deep topic with many areas of study involved, how we define it changes based on the type of education given.

However, health education can be summed up as a program of study that is offered to increase knowledge of the various ways to stay as near as possible to your optimal health.

Health Education Specialist

A health education specialist will tailor a program for your specific needs and requests, ensuring your time learning is spent on topics that directly pertain to the health-related learning goals that you have. Health education strategies often focus on finding out what aspects of our lives are harmful to our health and well being.
Once health dangers have been spotted, the real work begins.

The nature of the ‘work’ changes based on need but here at Cloud 9 Guide we look at health factors that affect the mind, body, and spirit (read more about the mind, body, and soul connection here). Health education related to physical health, psychological health, spiritual health, and environmental health are all crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why Health Education is Important?

With the knowledge that comes from an effective health education program comes a more positive outlook and attitude towards life, greater confidence, the knowledge to identify issues affecting health, and the power to make the necessary life changes.

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