Solid Food Vacation

Solid Food Vacation

If you have had ongoing health issues nagging at you with no real solution in sight, you might be surprised at how helpful a solid food vacation can be for you. What is a solid food vacation? Essentially, a solid food vacation diet consists of drinking specially prepared juices that meet all of your dietary requirements without the weight of solid foods. While it sounds simple enough, it takes a bit of research to learn how to do a solid food vacation. As with many other types of diets, it is always a good idea to speak with a professional when you need help.

There is a long list of solid food vacation benefits and it is important to do the fast (feast) right to get the most out of your efforts. The solid food vacation John Rose suggests is made up of mostly veggies – about 80%, in fact. Much of the veggie content comes from dark leafy greens but you’ll see many other types of vegetables in solid food vacation recipes as well. The other 20% usually comes from fruit juices and healthy oils derived from seeds, such as flax seed oil and others. When you follow a well-rounded juice fast, you begin to experience the benefits almost immediately.

One of the many benefits is that you can give your digestive system and colon a break. When that happens, more of your body’s energy is used on repairing other parts of your body and your digestive system releases begins releasing built up toxins within a mere couple of days. Long term benefits of a healthy digestive system include weight loss, a healthier heart, better cognitive function, clearer skin, better immune system response, and many more.

Another benefit to the solid food vacation is that you don’t need to give up on your daily requirement of nutrition and caloric intake. The juice recipes are made with a person’s needs in mind and all that is required is that you drink enough to get what you need.

A knock-on effect from getting all your daily nutrition taken care of is that your life does not need to stop. Working, exercise, and recreation not only remain possible on a solid food vacation but they are enhanced thanks to the added energy levels that come from the fast.

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