Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing

It is difficult to imagine a healthy state of being without considering the aura that surrounds you. Your own energy field should free and clear of any negativity and imbalance so that you can be more receptive to positive healing energies as well as more capable of dispelling with negative ones.

How do you know if you’re in need of an aura cleansing?

What is aura cleansing?

In short, if you never considered cleansing your aura there is a very high likelihood that you are carrying around negativity, imbalance, and distortions. Many people never realize that they are in need of aura cleansing because the symptoms often disguise themselves.

Feeling tired and disconnected are common symptoms when an aura cleansing is needed. Having a difficulty connecting with the world around you and being burdened by feelings of negativity are common, as well.

There are many ways to get in or cleansing and boost positive energy, and it can happen quickly and easily. Among the many or cleansing techniques are the use of or cleansing crystals, or cleansing essential oils, and or cleansing Reiki. All of these are effective ways to receive all the various aura cleansing benefits.

You can also use a variety of other methods to cleanse your aura. Visualization, for example, is a very useful practice and usually involves imagining a waterfall or river flowing through your being washing away the negative energy. Allowing the sun’s energy to cleanse your aura is another useful technique tied to visualization.

Using smudge sticks of sage is another method of ridding your aura of negative energies. It isn’t age-old practice that has come to us from Native American tradition.

Of all the various methods of cleansing your aura, energy work and Reiki are the most popular techniques used here at Cloud 9. A professional energy practitioner who is skilled and well-trained can easily identify negativity, imbalance, and blockage within your aura, and can use various techniques to both cleanse and strengthen your energy field to keep you in a happier and healthier state of being.

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