The Tzolkin is the 260-day calendar used by civilizations from Mesoamerica for over 2000 years. Originally of Mayan origin, the Tzolkin became a part of almost every other Mesoamerican civilization in one form or another, including the Aztecs and many others.

The Tzolkin Mayan calendar features 13 numbers and 20 days. Each day has a specific name and characteristic and is associated with a particular spirit. The numbers are matched to the days on a rotational basis, forming new relationships as days go by. It takes a period of 260 days to make a complete cycle of number-day combinations and each of the 260 days has a descriptor which is why it is a popular tool for divination sessions like Tzolkin astrology and others. To learn which Tzolkin calendar day corresponds to a specific day from a modern calendar, a Tzolkin calculator can help.

Using Tzolkin for readings, whether they be for birthday divination, personal readings, or anything else, is very similar to Tarot card readings. There are numerous ways that Tzolkin can be applied to gain insight into a wide variety of life events and future possibilities, dangers, and potential.

Since each day has its own characteristics, that is where a Tzolkin Mayan reading starts. Then, the corresponding number acts a modifier giving the day even deeper meaning. Added to the numbers and days, there is also a connection to the alignment of celestial bodies which is sometimes considered in readings.

The days on Tzolkin go by the following names:

Imix, Ik, Akbal, Kan, Chicchan, Cimi, Manik, Lamat, Muluc, Oc, Chuen, Eb, Ben, Ix, Men, Cib, Caban, Etznab, Caucac, and Ahau

Another interesting aspect of Tzolkin is that it can be a powerful determiner for who a person is truly meant to be. The birth date has an energy that is factored into a Tzolkin reading. When all the elements come together, the Mayan calendar can give a person insight into their character traits, talents, and unique abilities. Armed with this information, a person can make decisions about their life in confidence. To learn more about Tzolkin the Mayan calendar and how it can help you live to your potential, contact us today.

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