About Spiritual Intuitive

About Spiritual Intuitive

About Spiritual Intuitive – Within the field of ‘alternative’ healing work, there are many different approaches, styles, and backgrounds that come together within one general ‘field’ of practice. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the ‘field’ of ‘alternative’ healing work is, in fact, a great many things.
For that reason, it can sometimes be difficult to pin down what exactly your psychic, intuitive, spiritual healing practitioner does and how they use their talents and skills to help you.

The differences between approaches used by healing practitioners can sometimes be minute but at other times worlds apart. About Spiritual Intuitive What is a Spiritual Intuitive - Cloud 9 GuideKnowing which is right for you is an important question because you want to get the healing therapy that fits your particular needs.

Let’s talk about how a spiritual intuitive might be a great choice for you.

What is a Spiritual Intuitive Guide?

A spiritual intuitive guide is quite different from a psychic in that the source of their insight is derived from a different place – most often a higher power or the spiritual self within. Because of the purity of the source, insight comes as wisdom from within – and is most often accurate.

Spiritual intuitive guidance involves feeling or asking for answers to tough questions and guidance in difficult times. And, due to the spiritual nature of intuitives practicing in this field, the focus of spiritual intuitive coaching is on positive growth and change.
The driving idea being that our true, spiritual selves are full of love and light and that is the state that our intuition will always attempt to guide us to.

A spiritual intuitive is a lightworker inspired by their own internal guidance. They can interpret and comprehend the emotions and needs of other individuals, which enables them to provide and direct their healing energies towards those who need help.

What is a spiritual intuitive and how are they different from psychics?

So, what is a spiritual intuitive and how are they different from psychics? Unlike psychics who tap into energies that flow through us and the world that we live in, a spiritual intuitive will seek answers from a spiritual source. The answers sought are always focused on the best outcomes, rather than getting involved in some of the more mundane matters that many psychics will focus on.

Spiritual intuition is something that is an integral part of what it means to be human and to access it all that is required is to learn how to listen. To find out more about spiritual intuitive guides here at Cloud 9 Guide please get in touch with us.

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