Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Most people have heard of feng shui at one time or another but far fewer actually know what it is and how to apply the practice to their lives. Fortunately, feng shui is not something that requires a steep learning curve. All that is required is that you begin to look at your home in a new way. You should consider nature and the elements, as well as the energy flow in the home.

Energy flow is vital and is actually part of the feng shui definition. The words feng and shui mean wind and water – two elements known for their persistent flowing movements. To practice feng shui means to find the same type of flow in your home that you would find in nature.

Feng shui decor is tied to the energies of the people who live in the house, as well as the energies of the universe. For that reason, decorating always comes down to more than what looks good. Different types of furniture are connected to the various parts of our lives and by bringing positive, flowing energy to those furnitions we also benefit ourselves.

The bed, for example, signifies the self in feng shui, as does the oven for self care, and the desk for professional life. The first thing that you should do is arrange your furniture in a commanding position. What that means is when you are using your bed, your desk, oven, or anything else in your home, you should not be directly in line with the door while still facing it.

Paying attention to symbols and colors belonging to the bagua chart is another helpful consideration. The bagua chart features various areas connected to a person’s life, including family, wealth, health, helpful people, children, knowledge, fame, career, and partnerships. When superimposed over the floor plan of a home, the corresponding bagua areas can be assigned to specific rooms. Keeping the assignment in mind, it is possible to use the symbolism and color belonging to a specific bagua in the design decisions of the room.

There are many different ways to approach feng shui and it is possible to begin experimenting on your own. Obtaining the services of a feng shui consultant, however, will get you the best results. Not only will a professional give you plenty of feng shui tips but they will also provide you with options from which to choose.

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