Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing

The practice of distance energy healing involves sending healing energy through space and time to a specified recipient. A distance energy healing session can take many forms, but usually entails using techniques from practices such as Reiki or Healing Hands.

If you are asking yourself, “How does long distance energy healing work”, the answer is simpler than you might expect. Energy healing using life force energy that flows freely through our world and is not restricted by the same rules of nature things on a physical plane are. Energy is pure and can travel anywhere a skilled practitioner intends for it to go, and it does so incredibly fast.

Your distance healing practitioner knows how to send healing energy to another person but the recipient should learn how to receive healing energy as well. Remote energy healing requires a lot of visualization and focused meditation and it is crucial that both the intuitive healing practitioner and the recipient are able to form a long-distance connection for the healing session.

To begin a healing session from a distance, a meeting must first take place. This could be in the form of an email correspondence, an online chat, a telephone call, or in person. The healing practitioner should learn about the receiver of the healing energy and what areas of the person’s life require the benefits of healing life force energy.

To receive the healing energy a recipient for distance healing energy should try and remain relaxed and calm, but first and foremost acceptance for the session to take place must happen. We have many protective measures when it comes to energies (and for good reason) that many of us never even consider. Unintentionally blocking a long-distance healing from being successful makes the healing process slower and more difficult. A skilled distance healing professional always makes sure that the recipient is well prepared.

The recipient can also be anyone or anything. Healing energy can even be directed at circumstance. Here at Cloud 9 we often send healing energy to friends and family members of our clients, as well as to their pets and other living companions. Whether you are interested in receiving healing energy for yourself or someone you love, always be sure that whoever will be receiving the healing energy is aware that it will take place and has given consent – no matter how tempting it is to send this boon to everyone you know as a surprise.

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