Reiki is a form of therapy that originates in Japan. It is practice that centers around the idea that life force energy that is freely available in the universe aids in our health. A Reiki practitioner calls upon that energy and uses it to perform a Reiki healing session.

A Reiki practitioner uses their hands and bodies as a conduit for healing life force energy (Rei Ki). There is no direct physical contact made by the Reiki practitioner. Instead, the practitioner’s hands float just above the recipient’s body. Sessions can focus on the whole body or be directed at specific areas.

Yes. Reiki as a complementary treatment can be found in hospitals around the world. Reiki therapy has been shown to help patients in a variety of ways, including improving healing and recovery time, reducing stress, and minimizing side effects from strong medications, such as those common with cancer treatments and others.

No. As there are multiple tiers of Reiki certification, the type of service you receive will depend on the level of expertise and experience of your Reiki practitioner. Here at Cloud 9, all Reiki services are carried out by a Master practitioner, meaning you always get top-rate service.

Yes. Healing Reiki energy can be sent through time and space to anyone (or anything) at any time. The only catch is that the recipient should both be aware and accepting of the distance healing session being performed.

There are many applications for Reiki treatments. As the only side effects that come from Reiki treatments are positive, it is common to use Reiki for babies, pets and animals, plants, and even situations! Healing life force energy can bring positive change to everything it comes into contact with.

It depends but most people who go through a Reiki healing session report feelings of calm, and an unmistakable feeling of being uplifted.

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