Physical Sensations

Physical Sensations

Physical Sensations – If you have ever felt an inexplicable physical sensation that left you feeling safe, secure, and comfortable, there is a chance that that physical sensation came to you via your guardian angel.

Our angels communicate with us in a variety of ways and it is not uncommon for them to allow us to feel their presence. Sometimes physical sensations from our angels are meant to bring our attention to something, while at other times they can be for comforting purposes.

Our guardian angels know what we need and what would benefit us, and they also know the best ways to make contact with us when they have a message to share. Physical Sensations - Angel Communication - Cloud 9 GuideHere are some of the common ways our guardian angels reach out to us through physical sensations.

Our angels work within light waves that carry an electromagnetic flow, and when your guardian angel is interacting with you about something significant, you may sense that energy touching you in a physical way.

You may feel as if a flow of electrical power is flowing through your body. These physical sensations are quite compelling, just like when you see 11:11 it signals a spirit presence.

Physical Sensations - Angel Communication

One common form of angel communication through physical sensations is touch. Sometimes, it can feel like someone is lightly brushing a hand on your head or face. It is also common for people to feel as though someone is sitting next to them or holding their hand. A pat on the shoulder or back or a hug from an Angel is also widely reported physical sensations from guardian angels.

The presence of an angel can also warm-up the room. If you’ve ever lived through a spiritual experience that was accompanied by a warm sensation there is a high likelihood that an angel had something to do with it.

This type of physical sensation also presents itself as an energetic charge that many people associate with electrical energy. When this happens, the recipients of an angel’s message can feel as the spiritual energy circulates throughout their body.

Other physical sensations that go along with angel communication affect our feelings of fluidity. Sometimes these feelings come in the form of external air movement (angelic wind or breeze) while at other times a feeling of warm liquid moving within the body can be felt.

If you have experienced any of these physical sensations, especially during periods of elevated spiritual states or moments of spiritual download, you may have met your guardian angel.
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