Waking Up

Waking Up - Spiritually

Waking up – The process of waking up spiritually can be long and rewarding. It is possible to practice according to your spiritual beliefs for many years before any kind of waking up – intuitive spiritual awakening – actually happens, but when it does there is no mistaking it.

It is possible to go through many different stages of waking up and each one is often more powerful than the last. When we wake up spiritually, many of our ingrained physical and psychological blockages become freed allowing us to change the narrative of our lives, as well as giving us the insight and wisdom to experience new levels of ecstasy and spiritual awareness.

Everyone’s spiritual path is different, although most approaches to spiritual life focus on a source of spiritual energy which is difficult in the best of times to define with any sense of completeness. Waking Up - Spiritual Awakening - Cloud 9 GuideThe definition, therefore, comes through practice and is different for each spiritual intuitive guide practitioner.

Waking Up - Intuitive Spiritual Awakening

It is through developing your ability to wake up that each new level of understanding can be granted. Whether you are just now beginning your spiritual journey, or you have been on your spiritual path for many years, we can all benefit from greater states of spiritual awareness and understanding.

For many people, the understanding that a spiritual awakening is taking place often comes with various realizations about their own lives.

Spiritual awakening can come in the form of a subtle feeling that there is more to life than what a person currently recognizes as an epiphany leading people on quests for a deeper understanding of the spiritual world. For that reason, waking up spiritually will mean to you what your state of readiness for spiritual knowledge dictates.

Waking Up - Signs of Spiritual Awakening

An increase or sudden interest in lucid dreaming can be a sign of waking up spiritually, as can be an increased desire to explore new paths such as yoga, meditation, and other forms of spiritual practice.

Increased feelings of well-being and comfort despite what’s going on in a person’s life can also be a sign of a higher level of consciousness and understanding – whether a person fully understands that fact or not.

It is also common for people waking up spiritually to become increasingly bothered by mundane issues. Suddenly realizing where certain life choices and paths are leading can be evidence of that higher state of consciousness that comes from waking up.
Get in touch with our intuitive spiritual guides and learn how to wake up spiritually. You are here for a reason… Time to wake up!

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